Hey guys! Now that Rushing Into Summer is all wrapped up, We wanted to take a second to thank all of you that came out and hung out with us. We had a lot of fun chatting with you and catching up with friends. We met a lot of new people and the support from everyone was amazing! Due to that we felt like we'd treat you all to a new release, because why not?!

The word Roya as most of you know translates to Vision, or Dream from the Arabic language.

We're very excited to continue to put out new merchandise for all of you that keep not only our dreams and vision alive, but to put a kick in the ass to yours as well!

thank you,



This up coming Saturday, we'll be at Annie O's Music hall for Rushing Into Summer! Thanks to our friend Jake Carlson (@_haddit) from Polarity Collective (@polarity_collective) for the invitation, We'll be having a booth set up with all merch and a new release! For anyone going to the event and is interested in getting new merch, well be offering 15% off if you show up wearing anything RoyaLife! As always, the release is first come first serve, with all remaining merchandise to be posted on the website the following week. For tickets and more information, please make sure to check out Rushing Into Summer. Come be a part of an unforgettable night! 

Little background

Let's talk a little bit about the new bleached tee, and also about the new release. Every release we've done, we've pushed ourselves more and more. From our comfort zones to the way we print the shirts and the designs we use. For this release we wanted to do something to the actual shirt and not just a do our usual print methods. We decided to do something we've never done or have tried in the past. I myself have never worn a bleached shirt or tie dye for that matter. Of course we didn't want to do a traditional dye on a white shirt so we went with the reverse tie dye method. The design itself is printed with metallic gold, and shows the direction in which RoyaLife is heading. We decided mid last year to include more of what the company actually stands for and not what people think it is. The word Roya is loosely translated from Arabic, meaning Vision or Dream. Vision rules the world, Dreams rule the world. We hope you guys like it as much as we do! We've been excited to present this release to you! 


And of course, we had to go with the Original RoyaLife t shirt. Because today (March 19th) marks nine years. And what better than to do another version from our original white on black release.  


I’m Not Finished


There’s no doubt the amount of support that weve had here at RoyaLife. And it’s been increasing from release to release. I had this thought in my head one day about the distance that we’ve came to get to where we are and the amount of obsticles that have been in our way, as any young company would, but of course the triumphs trump the setbacks every single time. I do realize that there is some time gaps between our releases or any event we throw but the amount of dedication never changes. I sat down with my team to go over ideas and what our next moves should be after having back to back successful releases that it hit me, I’m no where near finished. And my dedication and ambition is only getting bigger. That’s where this release comes in. This is a statement by me, with the full support of everyone around me, I’m not finished. I will continue to create for this company despite the downfalls and critasism that comes with it. I will continue to promote self belief in what I’m doing, and support anyone that pursues what they love. It’s been a long journey and here’s absolutely no way that im gonna stop, sure there’s gonna be gaps here and there but the team is only getting stronger and the support is getting bigger. I would like to thank each and every one of you that’s ever taken part of this company and for allowing me to have a creative outlet. We’re only getting started and there’s no end in sight 🙏🏼 

Our Barber Battle Return!


It was an honor being asked to make a return to the yearly barber battle. Jerry himself contacted me and set us up immediately. The love we felt was tremendous! Everyone's interest was so exciting to see. Our exclusive barber battle black on black long sleeve did so well that it started selling even before the event had started! Seeing everyone that had been a part of it in previous years was amazing! Everyone's growth these past couple years has been incredible and I know everyone was excited to see where we were as well. We made a lot of new friends and sparked new interest in others. We are beyond excited for everyone to see where we are at next barber battle! Blessings.