RoyaLife: "Portmanteau" Royal & Life made into one

Royal, In the spanish languange translates to Real,
Not taken into context the actual Spanish translation
meaning royalty, But when applied to the English
language "real life"

Taking the L out of "royal" Roya means Vision or Dream
in the Arabic Language

And Life, Well we all know what that means, Hopefully

"Real Vision Life"

For any further information or if anyone would like to get in contact with us, You are more then welcomed to shoot us an email on our contact page.

-The RoyaLife Clothing Co'



We like to help the world around us in any way possible. With being environmentally conscious about the products we use in manufacturing, to making sure we source fair trade garments, One more step were taking is to help the health and happiness of our fellow colleagues. Manifesting your dreams and living the best life possible with those you love.

10% of all sales will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention every quarter to help battle suicide and show those around us that they're not alone. 


You are loved ❤ 

Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know whats on your mind!

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